In every growing business, communication is key. You need to make sure your clients and customers can reach you any time and that your messages come through loud and clear. You also need a communications technology platform that is priced right for you today and can grow with you in the future.

If you’re expanding your business and want to add a telecommunications partner or are thinking about switching your telecom provider, there are a few key factors you should consider.


       1. Prioritize Customer Service

A dependable telecom provider ensures you can communicate with your customers reliably. One sign that you’ll be able to consistently connect with your customers is that your provider reliably connects with you.

How often are you left on hold when you call in for help? Do you have to navigate a long response tree or annoying chatbot prompts to get what you need? Good customer service means your provider can solve your problems quickly, treat you with respect and offer good communication at every step of the process.


        2. Compare Prices in Your Area

Your business deserves a well-considered solution, so don’t just select the first telecom provider you find. Different companies have a variety of packages and pricing based on the services they provide.

Your business is unique – with unique telecommunications needs. As you review the service packages and pricing on offer, consider how much of the package will be used in the way you do business. Base your assumptions on a max-use scenario rather than your average bandwidth needs, especially if your business is subject to fluctuations in activity or demand.

Additionally, think about special or unique needs you may have and ask if the provider can accommodate. Find out if those accommodations will result in extra charges.

Does the telecom provider offer direct consumer service? Some issues are too complex to fix over the phone or through a digital tutorial. Your company deserves a service provider you know and trust to be there for you in an emergency.


        3. Research the Provider’s Reputation

In today’s connected world, it’s never been easier to do your own research before signing a contract with a new company. Glassdoor is a way to find out how past employees feel about a company’s culture, leadership and operations.

If you want a deeper look into how customers feel about a telecom provider, the national Better Business Bureau database can show you a company’s track record with complaints.

Some people just like the personal touch. Your prospective provider should be able to put you in contact with a few customers who can provide a positive review of their experience and answer your questions about onboarding and problem resolution.


        4. Select a Partner Who Can Grow With You

The last thing you want to do after going through all the work of selecting a telecom provider is go through the entire exercise again. Your business will grow and implement changes over the next few years. Will your telecom company be able to scale with your business?

For example, if your team grows to include more work-from-home staff, how can your telecom provider help support a partially virtual office? Alternately, how often does the provider update their technology to make sure your business has state-of-the-art solutions?



Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, you need a telecom provider that is there for you. The right choice will offer highly reliable service, an effective product offering at a competitive price and the agility to grow with your business for the long term.

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