Our Construction Team

Everything Hunter Communications does wouldn’t be possible without the hardworking men and women of our construction team. Every day, they are out in the field building out new lines of communication that help reach current and new customers wherever they are. On top of that, they are helping in the rebuilding efforts in areas that have been hit hard by wildfires, making sure that customers can continue to communicate with individuals near and far. We are so proud of the work they do and wouldn’t be here without them! Take a moment to read more about how the Hunter Communications construction team has been helping over the last few months.

On behalf of the residents of the Town of Butte Falls, I would like to express our gratitude for how quickly you restored our internet services after the South Obenchain fire. We had anticipated that it would take weeks and it took days. The effort was so important to us as we returned after the evacuation to resume our lives. We especially appreciate the speed, knowing that you had internet outages from many fires around the county and state with which to contend.

Linda Spencer

Mayor, Town of Butte Falls

crewman assessing fire damage