MEDFORD, ORE. (January 8, 2023) − Hunter Communications, a respected Oregon-based leader of cutting-edge internet solutions, is pleased to announce the expansion of high-speed fiber internet to Junction City. This significant step forward enhances the connectivity landscape and provides reliable internet access to the community from a local company that truly cares about its neighbors.

Providing the best internet technology at the best possible price to those who need it most.

Fiber-optic internet, recognized for its superior speed and reliability, is revolutionizing the way residents and businesses connect and interact online. Hunter Communications is committed to bringing new opportunities and possibilities to Junction City by providing the connectivity needed for internet-based activities, including telemedicine, remote work, schooling from home, entertainment, and more.

“We’re thrilled to bring the fastest internet at the fairest price to the people of Junction City,” said Stephen Parac, General Manager at Hunter Communications. “This expansion aligns with our mission to provide the best technology available to the people in our communities, enabling them to reliably and safely navigate the online landscape in our increasingly digital world.”

Hunter Communications has earned the trust of its customers for 30 years, as evidenced by its 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Google, an unheard-of rating in the industry. Their local customer service and neighborly approach bring a welcome experience to every area they expand to.

The introduction of fiber internet signifies a significant upgrade to the internet capabilities available throughout Junction City, promising faster download and upload speeds, low latency, and a more stable connection. This advancement benefits individual households and brings the potential to foster economic growth by attracting businesses that rely on robust internet infrastructure. Introducing high-speed fiber internet to Junction City is another step in Hunter Communication’s expansion plan to provide reliable and affordable high-speed internet connectivity to homeowners and businesses throughout Oregon.

About Hunter Communications

Hunter Communications is headquartered in Medford, Oregon, where the company has established a legacy of service excellence and commitment to local communities. With multi-gig speeds, no data caps, competitive pricing, and customer service representatives who genuinely care, Hunter’s 3,000-plus mile fiber network is nationally recognized for performance and reliability.

To learn more about our plans or to sign up for service, visit or call 541-772-9282.

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Sonja Anderson,, 541-350-2778