HunterIQ App

The Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience

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With the HunterIQ App, you can manage your Wi-Fi to fit your needs.  With built-in enhanced network security, the app protects your home from online threats.


With HunterIQ, you get advanced Wi-Fi management to control every aspect of your home internet experience from your phone or mobile device.  Download the app today to take charge of your home Wi-Fi!


The HunterIQ app comes free with ProtectIQ, providing you with enhanced network security and protection against viruses, malware, and malicious websites.  Keep your home network secure by downloading the HunterIQ App.

Add Enhanced Controls for $5/mo

By purchasing ExperienceIQ, you can unlock additional features in the HunterIQ app to manage parental controls, set profiles for your devices, filter content, set screen time limits, and prioritize device traffic.