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Revolutionize Your Home Connectivity

At Hunter Communications, our local operations and customer service team are committed to delivering unparalleled internet and voice services tailored to your lifestyle. From high-speed Fiber-Optic and Fixed Wireless Internet to dependable Residential Home Phone services, we bring cutting-edge technology right to your doorstep.

Fiber-Optic Internet:
Speed and Reliability Redefined

Discover ultra-fast internet speeds with our Fiber-Optic Internet, perfect for everything from daily browsing to intense gaming. Our service ensures smooth streaming and zero lagging, with various packages to suit your specific needs.


However you use the internet, we have the right plan and speed just for you. No hidden fees, rate hikes or surprises! Your price is guaranteed for life.

Customized Installation:

Up to 2.5 Gbps speeds with professional in-home fiber line installation.

Hassle-Free Experience:

Enjoy browsing and
streaming without data caps or binding contracts.

Hunter Fiber internet available in select areas.

Fixed Wireless Internet:
Our local team will get you connected, because you matter.

Our Fixed Wireless Internet is designed to reach you, even in the most rural areas of Oregon. Experience reliable and fast internet for all your online activities, with the freedom of no data caps, no contracts and no rate hikes for life. Guaranteed.


Quick installation of an antenna pointed at our towers for stable and consistent service.


Stream endlessly without worrying about data limitations.

Speed Tiers:

Choose from different speed options to find your perfect match.

At Hunter Communications, your family’s safety is our top priority.

Keeping your internet experience safe and protected is just one way we make sure you can have oversight in your family’s experience. Cyberbullying and security risks are a real challenge so many face in today’s digital age and we are here to protect your online experience. From parental controls to network security, you can choose the type of protection that works best for your family.

Residential Home Phone Services: Clear and Convenient

Enhance your home with our straightforward and reliable phone services. Whether you’re adding a new line or seeking feature-rich phone options, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy unlimited long-distance and local customer service. We make it so easy; you can even keep your current phone number! 

Simple Sign-Up:

Easy process to get your home phone service up and running.

Diverse Features:

A range of services to meet all your home communication needs.

Advanced Wi-Fi Solutions:
Seamless Connectivity Throughout Your Home

Robust Wi-Fi Equipment:

Experience superior wireless internet in every room with our advanced routers.

Mesh Wi-Fi Systems:

Extend your Wi-Fi reach with our state-of-the-art mesh systems, ensuring no signal drops anywhere in your home.

Find Hunter Communications in Your Area

Not sure if our services are available in your neighborhood? Quickly check the availability of our Fiber, Fixed Wireless Internet, and Home Phone services. Just enter your details, and we’ll keep you informed about our expanding service areas.

We're Local. You matter.

Oregonians share their love for Hunter’s blazing fast fiber internet:


“I switched for better pricing and internet speeds. I have also been very happy with the fact that my internet isn’t constantly dropping anymore.”



“I switched because my old internet provider was not reliable, and the prices kept going up.”



“I love the gigabit service! I also love the low price, free equipment, and unlimited data.”



“Fiber provides us with better internet and much better service, and everything we watch can be streamed now.”



“I switched to keep my bill the same every month with consistent, reliable, and fast internet!”


At Hunter Communications we blend innovation with customer-centric solutions, ensuring you stay connected effortlessly.

Explore our services today and step into a world where connectivity meets convenience.