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Enterprise Voice

Hunter Communications offers enterprise clients the best services for premier voice quality and performance. We tailor your business phone plans to work with any budget. Whether you’re managing just one location or several, we’re able to save you money when you work with us. Find the enterprise voice features you need today!

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In search of high-speed fiber internet and analog voice services in your area of Oregon or Northern California? Find out if Hunter Communications is in your area! Enter your information below to find out if our services are available and if they’re not, we’ll keep in touch to let you know when we’re coming to your city.

Hosted Phone Services

Our hosted Internet Protocol (IP) phone systems replace traditional PBX servers and provide you with the benefits of a business phone line without the hassle of maintenance. Your enterprise will operate on a cloud-based platform with our hosted phone systems, which is a great solution for your voice needs to remain reliable and stable.

We use advanced desktop phones that are IP industry leaders for the best voice quality and clearest connections. Your enterprise is able to run efficiently with increased reliability from our phone models, which are available for lease or purchase.

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Hosted PBX

Hunter Communications strives to offer customers with simpler voice solutions that keep them in contact with not just their own business, but with the people they serve every day. With our Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) services, this becomes even easier. Our Hosted PBX solution keeps your business running smoothly without the need for a large scale set up as your telephone system will be accessible over the network in the cloud.


  • Affordable setup and operational costs
  • Increased scalability as businesses expand
  • Crystal clear reception and limited downtime
  • Less time with call waiting as incoming call spikes are easier to handle

eFax Services

Take advantage of our eFax service that gives you the ability to send and receive faxes for your business safely over the internet. By using this convenient service, you’re able to view, edit, and sign faxes to help your business, wherever it is, run efficiently.

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Analog Phone Lines

Our enterprise customers can take advantage of our premier analog phone lines for their business needs. The benefits of using our analog phone services are endless! The phones are easy to use and low maintenance, and there’s minimal time required for setup.

Analog office phones are reliable and can be used as a voice solution for small- to medium-sized enterprises.

Voice Options You Want

Hunter Communications offers a variety of voice options to choose from. They can help you stay in contact with all your locations quickly and seamlessly. They can also help your customers reach you easily when needed.

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As businesses grow, so too do the number of phones working concurrently in a single day. Instead of worrying about dropped calls or busy signals, Hunter Communications can provide premier Primary Rate Interface (PRI) phone services for businesses of any size to ensure you never miss another call.


  • Clear call quality to increase voice clarity
  • No reliance on data bandwidth, reducing issues during downtime
  • Fewer busy signals with new calls finding free channels to connect to
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SIP Trunking

Looking for new ways to save on cloud voice costs? With SIP trunking, you can by consolidating voice and data traffic through your broadband connection in a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) environment.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Combines voice, data, instant messaging, and application sharing
  • Works at scale to expand with your business

Extend Your Desktop

We’re proud to offer business voice customers the ability to take their Hunter Communications services with them everywhere with the help of a unified communications software.

Unified communications

Businesses can integrate voice, instant messaging, video, and email into one, seamless user experience, easily becoming the sole communication service of all your employees.


  • Enables voice communications, either within the client itself or integrated with the desk phone or mobile device
  • Keep in touch with a click of a mouse, IM, or voice, and manage contacts through Outlook integration
  • Be aware of your coworkers online status in real-time
  • Works with both Windows and Mac OS
  • Listen to your voicemails in any order and see the voice to text transcription
  • Integrate other business productivity tools such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM, WebEx, and Google

Soft phone

Stop struggling to understand each other on conference calls and never worry about large, incoming call requests. With our soft phone, you receive crisp HD calling, conferencing, messaging, and contact management features through an easy to use interface.  Best of all, your company can save mobile minutes, especially internationally, through the use of WiFi or mobile data channels for any call.


  • Send IMs easily through integration with other users
  • View your entire business directory or just the contacts you want
  • Keep track of the online status of your co-workers
  • Use Call Jump to move a call from your mobile device to your desk phone, desktop, or any number you choose
  • Seamlessly separate business usage and calls from personal usage
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Why Hunter Is the Right Choice

When you work with Hunter Communications, you can always expect to receive premier services. But that doesn’t end after installation. Here’s what else our customers have come to enjoy working with us.

  • A Customer Service Team That’s Ready to Address Your Concerns
  • Expert Team of Technicians Available to Fix or Install Phone Services
  • Custom Solutions Available to Fit Any Business
  • A Fast Network Designed to Keep You Connected
  • Quick Response to Outages and Service Interruptions
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BroadbandNow Award Winner

Through years of hard work, Hunter Communications has won numerous BroadbandNow Awards, showcasing our team’s exceptional service toward providing clients with reliable internet and voice solutions to customers in southern Oregon and northern California. Awards include:

  • #1 Fastest Business Internet in Oregon
  • #1 Fastest Business Fiber Service in Oregon
  • Top 10 Fastest Business Internet Nationwide
  • Top 10 Fastest Business Fiber Service Nationwide

Enterprise Internet Services

We offer a variety of high-speed fiber internet solutions to better serve your business and to meet your needs. Find the solution that best fits your needs today!

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