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Supporting Homeschooling in the Digital Age

Homeschooling, once a niche practice, has become a mainstream educational option for many families worldwide. Whether motivated by health concerns, the need for a flexible schedule, or a preference for a customized learning approach, homeschooling requires a...

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Why is My Upload Speed so Slow?

Are you frustrated by slow upload speeds on your home internet? If so, you're not alone. For a long time, most home internet users didn't care about upload speeds. In the past, most people relied on the internet for downloads for fast access to viewing web pages and...

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Choosing the Right Fiber Optic ISP

As a professional content writer, you understand the importance of having a reliable and high-speed internet connection. Fiber optic internet has become increasingly popular due to its superior performance compared to traditional cable or DSL connections. Here are...

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Obesity in Children: How Does the
Digital Age Affect It?

Between phones, laptops, and TV, it’s never been easier to be entertained and to connect in one place. Which is great, but it also means it’s never been easier not to move. Unsurprisingly this increasingly sedentary lifestyle means serious mental and physical consequences. One of the most damaging effects—obesity in children—and it’s on the rise. Below, we’ll talk about what is childhood obesity, what causes it, and some simple steps you can take to limit your kid’s screen time and get them moving!

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What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet, also called fiber optic internet, gives people the ability to browse online via data transferred through glass or plastic fibers via light. The use of light beams throughout the fiber optic cables is what makes fiber internet so efficient. Outer material on the cables called “cladding” improves the transmission of data, so you never have to sacrifice speed or the quality of your connection.

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Is Fiber Internet Better Than Wi-Fi?

Hardwired ethernet connection with fiber internet may be better than connecting via Wi-Fi for volume data users who need high amounts of bandwidth for internet surfing. Wi-Fi or wireless internet is still a fine connection option for users who do casual searching, streaming or gaming.

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