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Introducing Hunter Home Office

Working remotely became the norm for many organizations when the Covid-19 pandemic forced an abrupt change to the workforce model that many believed was already on its way.   Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom expects that days worked from home will increase by 4x in...

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Hunter Celebrates Teachers With Special Offer

Teachers work to make sure their students have the resources they need to reach their potential, yet today’s teachers are often called upon to teach and work remotely via their home internet connection. To recognize the valuable contribution our teachers make, Hunter is currently offering teachers our top tier residential high-speed 1 Gb/1Gb fiber-optic home internet service for $30 a month FOR LIFE.

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Social Media Community Guidelines

Hunter Communications Social Media Community GuidelinesHunter Communications has established the following guidelines for public posts on the official Hunter Communications Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages.  These social media pages are safe...

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