The California Teleconnect Fund Program

The California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) program provides a 50% discount on advanced communication services (including Internet access and broadband services) to qualifying schools, libraries, community colleges, government-owned hospitals/health clinics, and community-based organizations.

Hunter Communications is proud to support local schools, libraries, and community organizations by participating in the California Teleconnect Fund Program to provide discounts on your internet service with E-Rate eligibility.


Eligible Hunter Communications Internet Services:

  • Ethernet 
  • Fiber Optics, including leased dark fiber and leased lit fiber 
  • Access Multi-Protocol Label Switching

CTF Eligibility Requirements

CTF customers must qualify under one of the following categories:

Public or Nonprofit Schools

  • Public schools, nonprofit schools, and schools run by a religious order that are incorporated as a nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation or as a nonprofit Religious Corporation providing elementary or secondary education (grades K-12). 
  • Qualified schools may not have endowments of more than $50 million.


  • Libraries that are eligible for participation in state-based funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (“LSTA”).
  • Eligibility for libraries is defined in Act 20 USCA Sec. 9122 (2 and 3), but need not be certified under LSTA for purposes of CTF.

Municipal, County Government or Hospital District Owned and Operated Hospital and Health Clinics

  • All hospitals and health clinics owned and operated by county, municipal government or hospital districts.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

  • Tax exempt organizations offering health care, job training, job placement, educational instruction, or a nonprofit CBO operating a community technology center engaged in diffusing technology into a local community, and training a local community that has limited or no access to the Internet and other technologies shall qualify for the discount rate for CBOs or a nonprofit CBO providing 2-1-1 information and referral services.
  • A “tax exempt organization” shall refer to an organization described in Section 501 (c)(3) or 501 (d) of the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26 of the United States Code. CBOs must apply and obtain approval for each location.
  • Certain certification rules apply to CBOs. Please refer to the CPUC website for more information.

California Community Colleges

  • California community colleges and/or districts.

These discounted services may not be resold to, or shared with, any other non-qualifying organization or person.

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