When constructing or maintaining a fiber-optic network in a neighborhood, Hunter may need to access utility easements on private property.

In this blog, we will explain what a utility easement is and how it is involved in our construction and maintenance processes.

What is a Utility Easement?

Utility easements grant operators like Hunter Communications the legal right to access certain portions of private property to install and maintain utilities.  A utility easement gives Hunter permission to use specific areas of private property to build, maintain, inspect, and repair our network.  

Easements are usually listed on the property’s deed and are transferred when the property changes ownership.  While Hunter has legal permission to access and work within utility easements on private property, the easement does not grant us any ownership of the land.

These easements may already contain utility infrastructure such as poles, aboveground cabinets, and underground enclosures.

Easement Access

Hunter’s engineering, construction, and maintenance teams only work in areas which have existing utility easements, are covered by right of way permits, or have been approved by the property owner.

There could be a variety of reasons why Hunter might need to access a utility easement such as:

    • Surveying utility poles and ground for future expansion
    • Building aerial fiber lines
    • Constructing, excavating, or drilling to place underground conduit
    • Placing utility pole anchors
    • Installing cabinets, vaults, or pedestals
    • Installing fiber-optic internet service to another home

Prior to accessing a utility easement private property, our teams will knock on the door and provide notification.  If no one is home, they will leave a door hanger to let residents know that we accessed the utility easement on the property.

Sometimes the utility easement is located near the sidewalk or in other easily accessible areas.  Other times, it might be located behind a fence or gated yard.  If our teams need to access these areas, please make sure gates are unlocked.  

We also might ask residents to temporarily secure pets in a different location until our work is complete.  In some instances, our team will coordinate with the property owner to coordinate a time when our crews can safely access the utility easement.

No matter where the easement is located, our construction crews will be respectful and exercise caution while working.  We will also be sure to restore the property to its preexisting condition.

Once construction is complete, residents can sign up for fiber-optic internet service with Hunter Communications.  Click the button below to register your address!