On average, U.S. households have almost 15 connected devices1.  With the explosion of smart home gadgets on the Internet of Things (IoT), Wi-Fi connections are becoming more important than ever.

Though a hardwired ethernet connection offers the best home internet performance, Wi-Fi allows you connect your smart devices and stay online anywhere in your home. 

Because the Wi-Fi signal has to travel through the air, several factors can affect your wireless connectivity.  Here are Hunter’s five tips to help boost your Wi-Fi performance.

Five Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Performance

1. Change Wi-Fi Frequency

Switch to the optimal wireless frequency for each device.  Most routers support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  2.4 GHz has wider coverage with slower speeds while 5 GHz has a smaller coverage area with faster speeds.  If you’re farther from the router or connecting a smart home device, use 2.4 GHz.  If you needs faster speeds for streaming or downloading, use 5 GHz.  

It is important to mention that older devices and routers sometimes do not support 5 GHz and faster internet speeds.  To solve this, you can get a gigabit rated router which can handle these speeds.  At Hunter, we offer a free gig-capable router to all of our residential fiber-optic internet customers!

2. Reboot your Router

Sometimes machines just need to be rebooted.  Simply restarting your router can improve your Wi-Fi connection.  Run a power cycle and see if your connection improves.

3. Update your Wi-Fi Password

In some instances, your wireless connection can be slow because your neighbors have connected to your Wi-Fi.   In one poll, 32% of respondents admitted attempting to access someone else’s private Wi-Fi network2.

To prevent someone from using your connection, make sure you have a secure password.  Avoid passwords that are easy to guess like 12345, your current address, or “password.”  These will not keep your home network secure and will make it easy for someone to steal your Wi-Fi.

4. Relocate Your Router

The placement of your router is vital for your Wi-Fi network performance.  Because the signal must travel through objects, it can be affected by everyday items, walls, and even glass.  For the best performance, keep your router off the floor and as high as possible.  You will want your router in an open and non-cluttered location.

Wi-Fi signals can also be interrupted by electronic devices like microwaves and televisions.  Be sure to keep your router away from appliances that could affect your connection.

5. Get a Mesh Network

Because the wireless signal can be slowed by both objects and distance from the router, Wi-Fi reception can be weaker in large homes.  To improve your connectivity throughout your entire house, consider investing in a mesh network.  These can eliminate dead zones and provide a better connection.

Hunter offers Mesh Extenders for $10 per month to improve Wi-Fi coverage.  Call our Customer Experience Team to order one today!


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