It’s easy for parents to understand how Bark can help keep their kids safe.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your kids will immediately understand the benefits of using our content monitoring, screen time management, and web filtering features.

In this blog, we will explain the best way to get your kids on board with Bark and how to have an open conversation about why you think it’s important for them to use.

Here are a few talking points to help get the conversation started: 

  • Bark can help keep kids safe by monitoring their social media accounts for signs of cyberbullying and inappropriate behavior.
  • Bark allows parents to NOT have to snoop through kids’ devices and conversations. It builds trust and gives kids privacy by flagging areas of concern and alerting parents to possible issues.
  • Share Bark’s parents testimonials and safety resources with your kids so they can see how Bark has helped other families just like yours.

Of course, every family is different, so tailor your conversation.  We understand you want to do everything you can can to help protect your kids from digital dangers, and Bark lets you do exactly that.

Explaining Content Monitoring

Here are a few ways you can start the conversation with your kids.

Some kids are concerned that parents will be snooping through all their conversations if they allow Bark to monitor their online accounts. In reality, parents employ Bark because it allows them to avoid doing so. Parents don’t have to search through every text, email or social media post when alerted by the Bark alerts; this gives children more privacy, not less.

Start the discussion: “I believe it’s critical that you have your privacy. The reason I want to use Bark is because it will only notify me if there is a problem. I don’t want to read every time you ask your pals what’s going on, but I do want to know if anyone is cyberbullying you or sending you indecent photos.”

It’s also worth noting that 99.91% of all communications are reviewed in Barks artificial engine. Kids can rest assured knowing that neither their parents nor Bark are watching their every move.

Start the conversation: “Remember when you first got your permit, you had to have someone else driving with you to help you watch for dangers on the road? That’s kind of how Bark works – it keeps an eye out for hazardous drivers on social media who might be endangering you.”

Parents should give their kids some credit, they’re often capable of handling challenging situations on their own. But they can’t handle everything alone. For times when they’re in over their heads, Bark allows kids to have someone in their corner.

Start the conversation: “I think it’s cool that you have so many followers on Instagram. But some of the comments I’ve read are concerning and I want to help you stay safe online. Bark will let me know if someone is harassing you or sending inappropriate messages.”


Raising Kids in the Digital Age Just Got Easier

These discussions may be difficult, but they’re necessary.

At the end of the conversation, it’s a good idea to give your child time to explain how they feel about the situation – listen to them and be open. If you let them know that you care about their perspective and want to hear them out, that can reduce friction and help them adjust.

With Bark from Hunter Communications, you can have peace of mind knowing that your children are protected online without having to snoop through their devices and conversations. If you have any questions about how Bark works or would like more tips on talking to your kids about online safety, our team is always here to help.