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What is the Hoopa Valley Broadband Initiative?

The purpose of the Hoopa Valley Broadband Initiative is to bring internet to unserved and underserved residents of the Hoopa Valley.  The project will contribute to better access to education, health care, and business opportunities in the communities.

In partnership with Hoopa Valley Tribe, Hunter Communications is working closely with the Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District Broadband Division, Acorn Wireless to complete the project.  With funding from the California Advanced Service Fund (CASF), construction on the fiber-optic backbone is scheduled for 2022.  To learn more about the details of the project, please watch the video.

Though most of the project will use existing poles, Hunter will need to place new poles in select locations.  Installing fiber cabling and new poles requires landowner easement permissions, appraisals, and archeological and biological land surveys. 

HVPUD looks forward to working with Hunter Communications on this fiber-optic project that will benefit this entire community.  HVBI will provide interconnection to regional broadband initiatives and will upgrade the connectivity in our area.  Thank you for your support of this critical project!

Linnea Jackson

General Manager, Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District

Project Requires Landowner Permission

Individually owned trust properties impacted by the fiber-optic route will be mailed information and consent forms for the project.

Before construction can begin: 

    • Hunter needs to receive permission forms from landowners.
    • The project must receive approval on easements from the Hoopa Tribal Council.

Returning Landowner Permission Forms

Landowners will receive two forms for submission, each requiring two witnesses.  You can also download the forms below. If you have questions, please email

1) The NOI Form seeks consent to enter the property and conduct cultural and environmental appraisals and land surveys for the proposed easement.

2) The Right-of-Way Form seeks consent of the owner(s) for an easement for the fiber-optic line.

Please sign and return the forms as soon as possible to:

Hoopa Valley Public Utilities District
296 Loop Road
Hoopa, CA 95546

Hunter Communications and HVPUD have made the project maps available so that landowners can see the segments that include their property.

    • Segment 1: Begins in Hostler Field and ends near Weitchpec along State Highway 96
    • Segment 2: Runs along Pine Creek Road and ends at the Bald Hill Cell Tower
    • Segment 3: Along TishTang Road & Hospital Road in Matilton Field

If you have any questions, please email