Fiber Internet & Voice Services in McMinnville, OR

Hunter Communications is proud to be the voice and internet services provider for residential, business, and enterprise customers around McMinnville! Check if fiber-optic internet service is available in your area using our interactive map.

Do You Live in a Fiberhood?

Is your area in McMinnville a fiberhood? Hunter Communications regularly expands to new locations to continue serving current and future customers. Check out the interactive map below to determine if our fiber-optic internet services are available near you!

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The Process to Becoming a Fiberhood

Hunter Communications has a three-step process we use to bring fiber internet services to McMinnville!

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Interest Phase

First, Hunter Communication explores areas of interest in McMinnville where residents are looking for fiber-optic internet services.

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Construction Phase

In our second stage, construction begins to bring fiber internet options into McMinnville interest areas!

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Fiberhood Phase

When our new fiberhood is complete, residents of McMinnville can sign up for high-speed internet.

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Our Services in McMinnville

Residential Fiber-Optic Internet Plans & Pricing

Seeking high-speed fiber-optic internet near McMinnville? Take a look at our exceptional residential internet solutions! Qualified customers can save $30 per month with the Affordable Connectivity Program.

HTR Q221 PriceBlocks 500Mbps 100

$49.99/mo FOR LIFE


Our base package is great for browsing websites and checking email.

HTR Q221 PriceBlocks 500Mbps 100

$59.99/mo FOR LIFE


Get faster speeds for streaming music and video.


$69.99/mo FOR LIFE


Upgrade if you have multiple users and devices on the internet at the same time.

HTR Q221 PriceBlocks 1G 1G

$99.99/mo FOR LIFE


Our top tier is best interruption free working from home, gaming, and e-learning.

No contracts. No data caps. No router fee. No hassle.

Limited time offer valid for Hunter Communications (“Hunter”) residential Internet services only. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply. Services and offers provided by Hunter are not available in all locations. Hunter reserves the right to change this offer at any time. Customer speed experiences will vary, and Wi-Fi speeds are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location and equipment. All products and services listed are subject to terms, conditions, and guidelines located at Additional restrictions may apply. Free Basic Installation Requirements: Free basic installation includes running an aerial fiber line, not to exceed 225 feet from the street to your home, or 50 feet underground on private property.  This requires direct access to the mainline pole and your home, without being obstructed by trees, shrubs, tributaries, and/or man made structures. The fiber line will be run into your home directly through a single outside wall and to the modem which must be placed within 10 feet of the penetration. If the line must be run throughout the house, basement, attic, or through interior walls, or if the outdoor line is obstructed, extra installation fees will apply. Hunter reserves the right to charge labor costs if the Basic Installation Requirements are not met.

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Residential Services in McMinnville

McMinnville residents can enjoy fast, reliable home internet and phone service when they choose Hunter Communications as their service provider!

Business Services in McMinnville

For over 25 years, Hunter Communications has proudly operated as a business service provider. McMinnville businesses can rely on us to provide the best phone and internet business solutions!

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Enterprise Services in McMinnville

Hunter Communications is the preferred internet and voice services provider for larger businesses in McMinnville! We offer enterprise-level solutions for phone and internet to help keep your business operating smoothly. Wherever you are in Oregon or Northern California, we have access to fiber routes throughout the region.

Sign Up for Fiber!

Get strong, fast connections with our high-speed fiber services when you sign up today!

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