In alignment with National Bullying Prevention Month this October, Hunter Communications is taking an important stance to better protect families and children in the communities they serve. Introducing the Hunter Shield Suite of Internet Security Products, a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that includes the HunterIQ App, Hunter Protect, Hunter Control, and the Bark Parental Control App.

Hunter Communications is dedicated not only to delivering lightning-fast and dependable internet service but also to safeguarding their customers and their loved ones online.

Cyberbullying is on the rise, with 1 in 4 teens experiencing it. 

Through the month of October, awareness is raised around bullying and encourages kids to embrace kindness and inclusion. While bullying has always existed, cyberbullying presents new challenged. On social media, messaging apps, games, and other online spaces, cyberbullying can spread faster and feel inescapable for kids.

It has serious consequences like anxiety, depression, and even suicide. As an BSP that cares about protecting kids online, we want to spread awareness about cyberbullying risks and prevention this October.

What is cyberbullying?  

Cyberbullying includes sending mean or threatening messages, starting rumors, posting embarrassing photos, trolling, impersonation, exclusion, stalking, and more. It can happen on popular social platforms, messaging apps, games, and anywhere kids interact online.

Signs your child is being cyberbullied:

  • Avoiding social media or messaging apps
  • Appearing anxious or sad after using devices
  • Changes in sleep patterns or appetite
  • Abnormal lack of eye contact or withdrawn behavior

How parents can prevent cyberbullying.

  • Educate kids on what cyberbullying is and that it’s unacceptable
  • Set rules around online etiquette and spreading rumors/gossip
  • Encourage kids to come to you if they’re being bullies
  • Use cyberbullying monitoring tool like BARK to detect early warning signs
  • Report cyberbullying to platforms and school authorities

This October, help prevent cyberbullying by being aware of the signs, talking to your kids, and monitoring online activity.  Together, we can make the internet a kinder place for our kids.