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Devon Allen, University of Oregon ’17
2014 US Champion
2016 US Champion
2018 US Champion
2019 US Champion

Accelerate your online experience with our range of packages designed for the Wi-Fi speed that meets your needs.

Basic 500

$60 per month

Includes $10 Autopay Discount
500 Mbps/500 Mbps

For casual browsing and video streaming

Most Popular!

Pro 1G

$80per month

Includes $10 AutoPay discount

For working from home and e-learning

Ultimate 2.5G

$120 per month

Includes $10 Autopay Discount

For gaming enthusiasts and smart homes

Don't get left behind!

Unleash the power of fiber-optic internet from Hunter Communications. Don’t miss one second of the action this summer with blazing-fast speeds, unmatched reliability, buffer-free streaming, and video in stunning clarity.


Symmetrical Speeds

With up to 2.5 Gig download and upload speeds, Hunter Fiber stays ahead of the competition in a digital world where speed is key.*

lifetime pricing

Lifetime Pricing

The price you pay today is the price you will pay for as long as you are a customer. Your loyalty won’t be met with a price hike.

no contracts

No Contracts

Experience true fiber freedom with no strings attached.

free installation

Free Basic Installation

Know the convenience of having your internet service installed without the hassle of additional fees.**

free router

Free Secure Wi-Fi Router

Keep all your devices connected with the comfort of knowing that your online access is private and secure.

no data caps

No Data Caps

Do what you want when you want! Enjoy unlimited internet without extra charges.

Stay ahead of the curve!

People are talking!

We are Oregon, born and raised, so we understand the needs of our customers. With 30 years of experience, our local teams take pride in providing the best customer experience – to every customer, every time. But don’t take our word for it – here’s what people are saying:

“We are so impressed with Hunter. We have a complicated smart home setup and we were worried about having to start over. But as soon as our fiber was connected, we were fully online! We did a speed test and we are now getting the speed that we never got from Spectrum, even though we had paid for it. Excited for better speed and reliability!”
– Tanya K., February 2024, Google 5 Star-Review
“Their service as far as pricing and installation times was amazing. So happy and thankful that Hunter Communications is now out in Chiloquin. Everyone we worked with was fantastic. The speed of the internet is fantastic. So much better than what we had. Highly recommend you give them a try and make the switch.”
– Ginger F., October 2023, Google 5-Star Review
“If Hunter Communications is available In your area I highly recommend it. I switched from Comcast about two months ago and will never go back. My bill went down and my speeds doubled. Never have any speed issues or outages with Hunter. 10/10 highly recommended.”
– John L., April 2023, Google 5-Star Review

Experience the difference

Experience the difference

Hunter is proud to be an
Official Partner of TrackTown USA!

Hunter is proud to be an Official Partner of TrackTown USA!

The nation’s greatest track and field athletes.

The world’s greatest track and field facility.

The greatest track and field fans.