Hunter Communications would like to welcome former OnlineNW and XS Media customers to the Hunter Family and billing system.

To help with the migration process, we created these FAQs.  If you have any questions or need assistance during the transition, please call 541-772-9282.

Frequently asked questions

When will the billing transition occur?

XS Media customers will transition to Hunter’s billing system on June 1st, 2022.

The migration for OnlineNW customers will occur in August 2022.

Why are you changing your billing system?

By unifying our billing platforms, Hunter will be able to provide more clarity to our customers on their products, services, and taxes.  Migrating to a new billing system will also enable better customer service.

Is my bill going to change?

Hunter’s residential customers enjoy price for life, and we have no plans to increase monthly rates for any of our customers.

You may notice a slight change to your bill as it now includes itemized taxes per the FCC’s Truth in Billing Policy.  While you were being charged for taxes before, it will now show on your bill.

For a full list and description of taxes please click here.

I have an automatic payment set up. Do I need to do anything to ensure that continues?

If you previously paid your bill through XS Media’s or OnlineNW’s online portal, you will not have to update your auto pay information.  However, you will need to create a new username and password in Hunter’s Bill Pay Portal.  Your old login information will not work in the new billing system.  For help in creating your account, please watch our video here.

If you pay your bill electronically through a financial institution, please update your account number and payee information:

Hunter Communications

PO Box 24644

Seattle, WA 98124-0644

If you would like to set up auto pay, please watch our video here.

Additionally, on your bank statement, “Hunter Communications” will now show in the payment description.

Where should I send my payment?

Please mail your payment to:

Hunter Communications

PO Box 24644

Seattle, WA 98124-0644

This address forwards to our payment processor in Seattle so our local customer service team has more time to better serve you.


While we will still process payments sent to our old address, please update your information as soon as possible.

Will my due date remain the same?

Yes, your due due will remain the same.

Will my services be impacted?

Your services will not be impacted.  As our companies unite, you will begin to see improvements in your speed and reliability as Hunter Communications works to upgrade our current network and expand our service footprint throughout Oregon.

Who do I call if I have a service request?

If you have a service request, please contact:

Southern Oregon – 541-772-9282 or

McMinnville Area– 503-883-9200 or

Eugene Area – 541-338-9000 or

Are your local offices closing?

No, all our existing locations are in use and are still being staffed.  If you need to drop off equipment or mail anything to our Eugene or McMinnville offices, please use the following addresses:

Eugene Office

Hunter Communications

115 Cleveland St

Eugene, OR 97402

McMinnville Office

Hunter Communications

1305 NE Lafayette Ave

McMinnville, OR 97128

Will my Account Executive change?

If you have an Account Executive assigned to your business, please continue to work with them.  If you need an Account Executive, please contact:

Southern Oregon – 541-772-9282 or

Eugene Area – 541-338-9000 or

Will my contract for services still be in effect?

If you are currently under a contract, Hunter will honor it for all customers.

Will the quote or price you gave me still be honored?

All estimates for internet and phone service will be honored 90 days from the original quote date.

Will my email domain change?

No, your email domain will remain in effect.