Fixed Wireless Internet & Voice Services in Yamhill County, OR

Hunter Communications is your preferred partner for residential, business, and enterprise wireless services in Yamhill County. Wondering if you have access to fixed wireless internet and voice services in your area? Use our interactive map to see if our services are available near you!

Do you live in our Service Territory?

Interested in finding out if you live in our service territory in Yamhill County? Enter your address in the map below to determine if your neighborhood in Yamhill County has internet from Hunter Communications.

Fixed Wireless internet is available throughout the blue area of the map. If you live in one of the green Fiberhood locations within Yamhill County, you have access to Hunter’s fiber-optic internet in Dayton, Eola Hills, McMinnville, and Willamina.

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Fixed wireless service area mapping is based on topography and landscape of the region. Services may not be available to all customers within our map boundaries. Please fill out a registration form and a member of our local team will review your location and contact you to schedule an installation if your address is serviceable.

How to Get Fixed Wireless Services

Are fixed wireless services not available near you yet? There are three easy steps to get fixed wireless solutions in your area!

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Interest Phase

First, we explore the interest of area residents who are looking for our fixed wireless internet service in Yamhill County.

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Construction Phase

Then, once enough interest has been shown, we start construction to bring fixed wireless internet to you!

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In the third stage, wireless installation has been completed and residents of Yamhill County are able to sign up for high-speed internet.

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Our Services in Yamhill County

Residential Fixed Wireless Internet Plans & Pricing

Learn more about fixed wireless internet and voice services available in Yamhill County and choose the solution that is best for you! Qualified customers can save $30 per month with the Affordable Connectivity Program.

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$60/mo FOR LIFE

Speeds as fast as


Our base package is great for browsing and streaming.

Fixed Wireless Pricing Table 2

$90/mo FOR LIFE

Speeds as fast as


Our top tier is great for multiple users and devices.

No contracts. No data caps. No router fee. No hassle.

Offer valid for Hunter Communications (“Hunter”) residential Internet services only. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply. Services and offers provided by Hunter are not available in all locations. Hunter reserves the right to change this offer at any time. Customer speed experiences will vary, and wi-fi speeds are not guaranteed due to conditions outside of network control, including customer location, tower interference, and equipment. Fixed wireless installation is $99 and includes installing one dish antenna to the roof of your home, which connects to a server room or router through cabling. More complex installations may incur additional charges. If the line(s) must be run throughout the house, basement, attic, or through interior walls, extra installation fees apply. All products and services listed are subject to terms, conditions, and guidelines located at Additional restrictions may apply.

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Residential Services in Yamhill County

With a wide selection of fixed wireless internet and voice services available in Yamhill County, residents in the area can rely on Hunter Communications for fast and reliable wireless solutions for any home size!


Business Services in Yamhill County

Hunter Communications is proud to provide connection to businesses of all sizes. With reliable internet and voice solutions, we offer fixed wireless services to businesses both large and small.

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Enterprise Services in Yamhill County

Large businesses need reliable internet and voice solutions so they can run smoothly. With access to connection routes throughout Oregon and Northern California, Hunter Communications is your partner for enterprise fixed wireless internet and voice services in Yamhill County!

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