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The holiday season is all about connection and cheer, and with Hunter Communications’ fiber-optic internet, you can enhance your celebrations with smart technology. We all know the tried and true gifts that will be given this holiday season – smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, even doorbells and thermostats. 

But if you want to make this holiday really special, treat your loved ones (or yourself!) to something a little different.  Here are a few, not so common, smart gadgets that shine with Hunter fiber:

WiFI LED Lights
WiFI LED Lights
WiFI LED Lights
WiFI LED Lights

Wi-Fi Enabled LED Lights: Customize your holiday lighting with just a smartphone tap and change colors and patterns smoothly, creating a magical ambiance.

Plant Pots: Got a green thumb?  Treat yourself to a smart plant pot that can monitor soil moisture, light exposure, and temperature, alerting you when your plant needs water or is in distress.

Smart Piggy Bank: If you want to teach the children in your life about the importance of money and saving, look no further.  This Smart Piggy Bank syncs with an app and allows you to track deposits, check your balance, and set savings goals.

Fishing Rods: Hitting up the Willamette or Rogue Rivers this spring? Connected fishing rods can map your catches, suggest hotspots, and track weather conditions.

Pet Feeders: For the pet lover on your list, internet-connected pet feeders can schedule feeding times and portion control and even allow them to feed their pet remotely via a smartphone app.

Smart Water Bottle: Looking for ways to stay healthy in the new year and drink more water?  This smart water bottle will remind you when to hydrate so you can stay on track.

Egg Trays: While it may not be the most luxurious item on the list, smart egg trays will come in handy when making breakfast on Christmas morning!  These egg trays tell you how many eggs you have left and which ones are the oldest.

Hunter Communications’ fiber internet brings a smart, connected, and joyous holiday experience. Embrace these gadgets for a festive season full of convenience!