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3 Reasons Why Fiber Internet is Best

why fiber-optic technology is bestHigh-Speed, Reliable Internet for the Future

Access to high-speed internet has become a necessity. We need it to work, learn, and access healthcare. We use the internet to video chat with our family and stream video.  Our businesses need high-speed internet for cloud computing and processing e-commerce orders. There are many options for broadband internet including wireless, cable, DSL, satellite, and fiber-optic. 

But not all broadband internet technologies are created equal.  Because fiber-optic technology uses light to transfer data, it holds records for high-speed data transmission. Let’s take a closer look at why fiber is the best technology for internet access now and in the future.

1. Fastest Download/Upload Speeds

In 2015, the FCC defined “broadband internet” as a connection with a minimum of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds.

For many modern needs, however, these speeds are not fast enough.  Downloading games, streaming 4K movies, and sharing large image files all require high-speed internet.

Compare the download times for Lord of the Rings Trilogy (61 GB)1:

  • Dial-Up (50 kbps): 113 days
  • Minimum Broadband (25 Mbps): 5.4 hours
  • Fast DSL (100 Mbps): 81.3 minutes
  • Gigabit Fiber (1,000 Mbps): 8.1 minutes

In addition, fiber internet also has faster upload times.  It is also capable of symmetrical speeds–downloading and uploading at the same rate.

Want to know how your internet performs? Test your speed here.

2. Fiber Internet Reliability

For consumers, lack of internet reliability can be frustrating and even isolating. For businesses, downtime can lead to loss of communication and revenue. Like speed, reliability is a key feature of a quality internet connection. It is necessary for the functioning of our daily lives and of our businesses.

Fiber-optic internet is more reliable than other types of connections. ISPs using copper cables often lower speeds during peak hours to prevent outages. Fiber, on the other hand, is less likely to overload and does not require speed reductions during peak times.

Other internet technologies like DSL, cable, and satellite also often lose connectivity in severe weather. Copper cables are affected by moisture, electromagnetic interference, and temperature fluctuations. These present a risk for both outages and fires.  Fiber, however, is much more reliable because it is not prone to outages from weather, temperature, moisture, or electrical interference. Furthermore, because it uses light rather than electricity, it does not carry the same fire hazard and is safer for communities.

3. The Future Needs Fiber

Our world is filled with connected devices.  This network is known as the Internet of Things (IoT) and includes smart home features like security systems, smart TVs, and even appliances or garage doors. As the IoT expands, the connection required to sustain it must also grow. 

Fiber-optics are the best technology to carry the IoT into the future because it is both fast and reliable.  With fiber-optic internet, the IoT can sustain successful interactions. In addition, the average consumer is gaining access to incredible, new types of media like 360 video and virtual reality.  However, these have large data files which require more bandwidth. 

As new technologies become more widespread, faster internet speeds will be required in order to seamlessly deliver those experiences.  With the ability to handle large packets of data at high-speeds and without interruption, the future is fiber.

Why Fiber-Optic Internet?

Just like electricity, we need high-speed internet to participate in both the economy and in society.  Because it is fast, reliable, and built for the future, fiber-optic technology is the best option for internet access in the modern world. Improving the availability of fiber-optic internet is important for the future of our infrastructure.  Hunter Communications is committed to this ongoing mission.  Our goal is to bring fiber internet to homes and businesses throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Hunter believes that fast and reliable internet access is a vital component of modern life.  That’s why we offer fiber-optic internet directly to your home at a price for life without any contracts.