Fiber-optics are the best internet technology available for businesses using real-time cloud computing, implementing artificial intelligence, and processing online orders.

Here are the top seven reasons why businesses needs fiber-optic internet and voice services.

7 Reasons Why Businesses Need Fiber

1.  Fastest Speeds

Capable of symmetrical speeds, fiber internet offers the fastest download and upload capabilities.  Because fiber-optic technology uses light to transmit data, it is the fastest method of communication.  With the ability to transmit information near the speed of light, fiber internet offers businesses the fastest connection.

2.  Highest Bandwidth

Because it can transmit data over a wide range of frequencies, fiber’s bandwidth is also better than other technologies.

Though speed and bandwidth are closely connected, they are not the same.  Think about your internet as downtown traffic.  If there’s only one route into town, it will take longer to get to the city center, no matter what the speed limit is.  Because fiber offers multiple routes for arrival, bandwidth is higher and more data can arrive at a faster rate.

Because fiber internet can handle much more bandwidth, providers do not need to throttle or slow speeds to avoid overwhelming the network and causing an outage.

3.  Lowest Latency

Latency, measured by ping, is the time it takes for a device to send and receive a packet of data from a server.

Since the technology requires less repeating of signals and has less packet loss, fiber is known for better latency than other technologies.  

Low latency is extremely important for business functions which require real-time processing.  Without a low latency internet connection, businesses can experience information delays.

4.  Most Reliability

Fiber also has the best reliability because it is unaffected by severe weather, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. Since fiber uses light rather than electricity, it is also less susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Because fiber is less impacted by external events, outages and interruptions aren’t as common.  With limited service affecting outages, fiber can save businesses downtime and money.

5.  Best Security

Unlike copper, fiber is difficult to tap into.  Since physically hacking into fiber requires a higher level of skill and training, it is more difficult to hack, making it much more secure.

6.  Most Scalability 

Unlike other technologies, fiber internet is scalable and not limited by its physical infrastructure (fiber cables on the poles and underground). 

Internet speed and performance can be affordably scaled to a business’ needs because upgrades don’t require infrastructure updates. 

By simply upgrading the transmission equipment, businesses can improve their internet speed and performance.  

7.  Built for the Future

Fiber-optic internet technology is future proof.  Because it is fast, reliable, and easily scaled, fiber is the best technology for sustaining our future speed and bandwidth needs.

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