In December of 2020, OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) received a grant for $500,000 from Yamhill County as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act).  This grant was awarded to OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) to accelerate the expansion of fixed wireless coverage and upgrade services for existing customers in the network.

OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) is the largest local internet provider serving residents and businesses in Yamhill County who are outside the reach of fiber or cable broadband service.  The company began building a rural wireless network in Yamhill County in 2004 and has continued to expand and improve the network to extend broadband access to more customers.  OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) strives to improve the community’s digital capabilities, especially in hard to reach places.

Network Imporvements

OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) will use the grant money to build additional tower locations throughout Yamhill County.  New towers will be constructed in Sheridan, Amity, Eola Hills, Chehalem Ridge, and several other other areas.

The company has also secured new leases at towers in strategic locations.  These new tower locations will extend coverage and offer services to customers who could not be previously reached.  OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) will also add more transmitters to create a network that is more dense and provide higher speeds to many customers. 

OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) believes that rural customers should have the same access to the internet as those who live in cities.  To bring new and improved services to rural customers throughout the county, OnlineNW (now Hunter Communications) will deploy the new towers and transmitters as quickly as possible.  

Hunter Communications provides fixed wireless internet access throughout Oregon.  Click to see if service is available in your area.