Hunter Communications’ recent acquisition of McMinnville Access Company LLC, parent company to OnlineNW and XS Media, will allow Hunter to expand product offerings throughout Oregon and accelerates our ability to provide service to underserved communities.

We understand that many customers may have questions on how this acquisition will affect their service.  The short answer – it won’t.  Our goal is to continue to live by our values by leading the pack and making it easy for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my services be impacted?

Customers will not see an impact to their service levels. You will still receive internet and voice service from your current provider.


2. Will my rates go up?

Hunter’s Fiber-To-The-Home customers enjoy Price for Life. There are no plans to increase monthly or non-recurring rates for any of our customers.


3. I have an automatic payment set-up.  Do I need to anything to ensure that continues?

Your automatic payment will continue to be processed as usual.  Should you be required to make any updates in the future, you will be notified. 


4. Where do I send my payments?

Please continue to send your payments to your current provider.  Should you need to change where you send your payments in the future, you will be notified.


5. Who do I call if I have a service request?

If you have a service request, please contact:

Hunter Communications – 541-772-9282 or

OnlineNW – 503-883-9200 or

XS Media – 541-338-9000 or


6. Will my Account Executive change?

If you have an Account Executive assigned to your business, please continue to work with them.  If you need an Account Executive, please contact:

Hunter Communications – 541-772-9282 or

XS Media – 541-338-9000 or

7. Will my contract for services still be in effect?

If you are currently under a contract, it will be honored for all Hunter Communications, OnlineNW, and XS Media customers.


8. Will the quote or price you gave me still be honored?

All estimates for internet and phone service will be honored 90 days from the original quote date.