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Meet Our Voice Team

Vice President of Voice Services Scott Warren describes the Voice Department

My team gets excited about new customer orders.  They want to share Hunter’s great products and services with as many businesses and homes as possible.

Scott Warren

Vice President of Voice Services

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It allows companies to make calls over the internet rather than using a traditional telephone line.

To learn more, read our blog.

What is Hosted Voice?

Hosted Voice means that a business’ VoIP system is located on our site and managed by our team on Hunter’s secure network.

What makes Hunter’s voice team special?

Because we keep our customers’ voice traffic on a dedicated, secure network, Hunter can ensure and control the Quality of Service.  Unlike providers who offer services over the open internet, Hunter’s hosted VoIP is managed to be both more secure and more reliable.